{ realism of the glamour of fashion }

" Fashion is the mirror of time. Ephemeral, transient, which in dying and reviving reads and interprets the social, psychological and cultural aspects of what is contemporary.

The fashion shows are a showcase of excellence of the fashion phoenix, where everything has to be perfect and the work of months is consumed in a matter of seconds under the watchful eyes of editors, buyers and celebrities.

We can think of the backstage as a limbo, suspended in a space where everything is aimed at the success of what will happen beyond the curtain. The backstage is a place devoid of connotations, transient, with no past and no future: there is only the here and now: the backstage is the realism of the glamour of fashion.

Filippo Mutani's pictures tell the suspended looks, the details of this realism, and are the result of six years of work in the backstage of the fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York. "

Alessia Glaviano

Senior Photo Editor


{ window into a mysterious and wondrous world }

" Filippo Mutani masterfully translates the chaos and noise of Fashion Week into insightful, artful, and thoughtful moments that allow one to reflect on the art and beauty of fashion, and indeed, the creativity and human form underneath. He knows just what to include, and what to leave out - each frame is a window into a mysterious and wondrous world. He captures the theater and drama of it all, with a cheeky sense of humor that glints through from time to time - Filippo understands that fashion and style are serious and not serious, all at once. "

Caroline L. Hirsch

Photo Editor
T -The New York Times Style Magazine


{ the very moment }

" The creative streak is Filippo Mutani's signature. With one shot he is able to tell the very moment in such a personal, realistic and captivating manner, that one feels to be there at the same time of the click. Mutani's photographic style holds a higher artistic value and makes him one of the most interesting photographers in the world of his kind. "

Alessandro Calascibetta

Director of Style
Corriere Della Sera Magazine


{ realistic side of glamour }

" UNPOSED captures a backstage world devoid of connotations, transitory, without past or future: it only exists here and now. It is the realistic side of the glamour of fashion. "

The jury of LensCulture 2015 Emerging Talents Award


{ when the eye does not see the heart is moved }

" A sort of photography that is born from the shadows, the hidden, the unspoken. An inspiring and inspired tale that is born by subtraction, lives of stolen moments and captures at first glance. And when the eye does not see the heart is moved. "

Andrea Porro

Fashion Editor
GQ Italia


Triumph 2011

{ balance of chaos and discipline }

" The backstage of a show is a balance of chaos and discipline: A camera steals that energy creating a fashion moment. Filippo's pictures capture the frenzy of fashion, to which he is completely immune. The swirl of a gown on a runway, the melancholic gaze in a tired model, a crowd clapping. Just like a journey, this is the lanscape of fashion."

Sciascia Gambaccini

Fashion Director
Vanity Fair Italia

{ about unposed }

The images of Unposed have been shot for:
T –The New York Times Style Magazine, Vanity Fair Italia, Corriere Della Sera Style Magazine, Giorgio Armani, Fendi and Campari.

So far Unposed has been awarded with the following international prizes : - Winner at Moskow Foto Awards 2016  - finalist at Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2016 – finalist at Magnum Photography Awards 2016 - 2015 IPA International Photograhy Awards -LensCulture's 2015 Emerging Talent -Moskow Foto Awards 2014. HM. -Sony World Photography Awards 2013. Shortlisted 
- PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris 2012, silver medal.
- NYPH, New York Photo Festival. Invitational 2012 winner for Advertising. 
- IPA, International Photography Awards. Best Advertising Calendar 2010. 1st prize.
- NPPA, National Press Photographer’s Association. Best Of Photojournalism 2010. 3rd prize.

Solo exhibitions: 2017 Il Centro Arese - 2015 Palazzo dei Giureconsulti Milan - 2014 Leica Galerie Milan.